A Review: BANDETTE #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BANDETTE #1 from Monkeybrain Comics. The story is by Paul Tobin with art by Colleen Coover.

We are introduced to Bandette, a brightly colored costume young woman who we see breaking into a mansion. She’s there to steal some small Rembrandt drawings while the owner (who has a shady past) was away. The problem is…he is home. A small motorcycle chase ensues and Bandette must call in backup  in order to get away. Meanwhile, Mr. Corvid, who owns a rare book and coin store gets a mysterious call regarding the 1794 American Flowing Hair Dollar Coin. At the same time Inspector Belgique is dealing with a bank robbery that has gone wrong and must call for assistance...you won’t believe who…

This was certainly a fun book to read. This comic has the potential of being a very entertaining series. I like it’s style and sense of humor (Bandette being involved in a motorcycle chase while she’s driving a scooter had me chuckling). Tobin has written a fun, smart script and Coover’s art enhances the fun. It’s definitely a book worth checking out.

BANDETTE #1 is available exclusively at www.comixology.com.

~ Thomas

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