The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #1 from Ugli Studios. Jason Lenox and David Paul wrote the two stories and Jason Lenox handled the art.

“Through The Eyes Of Grizelda,” is the story of a necromancer Amon Kadesh who rules Xendria. His story is told from the point of view of his familiar Grizelda. Kadesh has to fend off a massive army who seek to end his evil rule.

“The Great Vermin” tells of a team of exterminators who mission is to go to the planet Ganymedes IV and eliminate the “scourge” species X2987. The problem is the “vermin” fight back.

Overall, this is a well-done book with solid stories. UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS is definitely a homage to the old EC comics (Tales from the Crypt, Weird Fantasy). Lenox art is great, but what really impressed me is how he had changed styles to suit each story. I want to see more of this series.

UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #1 is available at www.jasonlenox.com/online-store.

~ Thomas

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