The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE SECRET LIVES OF JULIE NEWMAR #1 from Bluewater Comics. Marc Shapiro and Julie Newmar wrote the story with art by Emiliano Urdinola.

The story opens with Ms. Newmar working in the yard and enjoying life away from acting. She’s suddenly transported to the offices of a secret organization known as Hour Glass in her old cat costume and looks 28 years old. Julie finds out that she is an agent for Hour Glass, trained during the time she was on the BATMAN TV show. She has been brought back into the organization to go after the founder Dr. Vertigo who has left with his aide Onyx and is traveling through time. Julie’s task is to find the two of them and bring them back without damaging the timeline.

THE SECRET LIVES OF JULIE NEWMAR mini-series is a spinoff from the successful THE MISADVENTURES OF ADAM WEST. This was a fun ride similar is style to the original book and the BATMAN TV series that Ms. Newmar frequently guest starred. There is some action (a catfight!) and tongue in cheek humor in this issue. This should be a fun miniseries if this issue is any indication.   

THE SECRET LIVES OF JULIE NEWMAR #1 is in comic stores now and at www.bluewaterprod.com.

~ Thomas