A Review: YOUNGBLOOD #71

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of YOUNGBLOOD #71 from Image Comics. John McLaughlin wrote the story with art by John Malin and Rob Liefield.

Things have changed since we have seen the team: Team leader Shaft has resigned and replaced by another who the team calls “Not-Shaft,” Photon is no longer a man, and we don’t know about Badrock. “Entertainment Now” reporter Gail Cook is brought in to do a story in an effort to repair the team’s damage reputation. She joins them in a mission that is resolved rather quickly. On the way back to Youngblood headquarters, Gail brings up the question: “Whatever happened to Badrock?” Apparently we’ll find out in the next issue, and it doesn't look good...

Youngblood is a superhero team that is sanctioned by the United States government. They are Liefield’s version of THE AVENGERS (even though it came from a TEEN TITANS idea he had that didn’t happen). I read the YOUNGBLOOD books when they first came out YEARS ago and enjoyed them. McLaughlin does a good job of introducing some of the characters to new readers and creating intrigue to find out what has happened since the “previous” issue. There are a lot of fans who do not like Liefield's work (he's hit or miss with me), but the art in this issue looked really good. Overall, this is a nice start back for the series.

YOUNGBLOOD #71 is in stores now and available at www.imagecomics.com

~ Thomas