A Review: THE SPIDER #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE SPIDER #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. David Liss writes, Colton Worley is the artist, and Simon Bowland letters.

Richard Wentworth is a millionaire playboy with a military past and an interesting hobby: he’s a vigilante called The Spider. He kills bad guys and brands a spider into their foreheads. And now he’s getting dragged into the machinations of a lunatic on a terror spree, who is turning people into zombies.

This is a ‘reboot’ of a very popular pulp magazine back in the 1930s, created to compete with other successful pulps (I won’t name names). There are some obvious modernizations here, but the cast of characters is the same—Nita is the woman he loves, who he jilted for her safety; Stanley is the friend and cop who married her; Ram is an attorney and martial artist. But in this issue we spend a little time in Richard’s head, hinting at what makes him tick.

I like where this is going. The Spider makes no excuses about why he does what he does, and I find that lack of moralizing refreshing. He’s a killer, he knows he’s a killer, and he believes that the city needs that right now. Let’s see where Mr. Liss goes with it.

THE SPIDER #1 is available now at your FLCS or by order from dynamite.net.