The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of FAIRY TALE KNIGHTS BOOK 1 from Rebel Star Studios. J. Clebourne is the writer based on a story by wOlly McNair, who also did the illustrations.

Malia, the best warrior of the Order of the Red Hoods is sent by their leader and Great Protector – Granny to investigate the deaths of agents Hansel and Gretel. Meanwhile, a hooded figure has hired the brother pigs to build a weapon for his master. Malia and her pet wolf Patrick battle a mysterious warrior on the Trail of Tears, the location where Hansel and Gretel died. Who is he and why the interest in a particular flower? Could the answers lie in the Dark Lands?

McNair’s art is an incredible and unique style that is quite refreshing! There was one action sequence involving Malia, Patrick, and a rabbit that I could not exactly tell what was going on, but overall this was a visual treat. The story is an intriguing one, and with the mention of the real world at the beginning, I wonder if there will be a crossover sometime in the future. The trend of modernizing the classic fairy tales continues and as long as the stories are good as this, I don’t have a problem with that.

FAIRY TALE KNIGHTS BOOK 1 is available in print and digital at http://www.rebelstarsstore.bigcartel.com

~ Thomas