The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ICHABOD JONES: MONSTER HUNTER #2 from Viper Comics. Russell Nohelty writes, and Renzo Podestá draws, colors and letters.

This book is an intimate look into the mind of one Ichabod Jones. The main voice in his head is persuading him that he’s a monster hunter (as opposed to any ordinary psychopath), and is helping him escape from the asylum. This issue finds Ichabod in the midst of a ‘relapse’ (which his voice tells him is necessary) and seemingly left for dead in the cellar. He is then offered a chance to be a hero, which has other unexpected consequences.

Insanity is a dangerous path for a writer, mainly because of the balance between making sense and telling the story. How can the reader tell what’s real and what’s the product of the diseased mind? Mr. Nohelty has embraced that with Ichabod, and is telling the story without drawing attention to the lines between madness and reality. And the artwork really helps that along; the madness seems so real that the reality seems fake when we see it.

Ichabod may be a seriously disturbed killer, but he might also find a way to become a hero. And that would surely be an interesting and fun story. I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets there.

ICHABOD JONES: MONSTER HUNTER #2 is available this week for download from vipercomics.com.