A Review: FLESH & BLOOD Book I

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain advance copiesof Monsterverse’s latest project - FLESH AND BLOOD Book One.  Robert Tinnell (writer and director of KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE and FRANKENSTEIN AND ME) pens the graphic novel, with illustrations by Neil Vokes (FROM THE VAULT: DOCTOR STRANGE #1, ADVENTURES OFTHE MASK). Both have worked together before on THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST.
After the killing of the vampire Carmilla Karnstein, ateam forms to battle Dracula and the forces of evil. In the group are tworecognizable names, one a famous doctor, the other a medical student who willhave further run-ins with the Prince of Darkness.

  Vokes’ art andTinnell’s writing captures the beauty, horror, sexiness, and mystery of theclassic Hammer horror films. FLESH AND BLOOD is literally a love letter tothose films. The cover by Dan Brereton (NOCTURNALS, THRILLKILLER) is the icingon the cake.

 Also included is a story called OPERATION SATAN,  written by Tinnell with art by Bob Hall. Inaddition, a pinup gallery features the art of David Michael Beck, Adrian Salmon, Michael Oeming, Dan Gallagher Jr., and Mark Wheatly.  Volkes’ character sketch gallery is includedas well.

If you like classic horror, this is your book. FLESH ANDBLOOD comes out this Wedenesday October 26. Monsterverse also publishes BELA LUGOSI’STALES FROM THE GRAVE. 

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