For What It's Worth: The Right to Cosplay (Regardless of Shape)

It has been brought to my attention regarding an online article from a fitness website. I won't bother even mentioning their name, but I'm sure some of you may know which one I'm talking about. The article basically slams people who attended the New York Comic Con in costume when, well, they don't have the perfect physique for it.

 To say that the article has had a negative response is like saying the Grand Canyon is a little hole in the ground. They knew there might be some problems when they posted the link on their Facebook page with the comment that this was done in jest. Once again, it shows why there are muscles in a group dynamic, and then there are brains.

I personally don't cosplay - part of it is because I am an overweight person, part is I'm just not interested. However, if you want to dress up as your favorite character to go to conventions, go for it and have fun! Don't let these muscle-brained bullies tell you that you can't! There's no guarantee on how long we're on this planet, we should have some fun while we can.

This pissed me off and made me want to get my hands on these people. But frankly, they aren't worth the effort to even get mad at them. I should just shake my head, feel sorry for these idiots, and move on. There's more important things to worry about then these...fill in the blanks.
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