For What it's Worth: The Man of Steel Costume

Earlier today, I posted the image of Henry Cavill in the "suit" from the upcoming Superman-reboot film Man of Steel. I've been reading the reactions and analysis, so I've gone back to look at it closer. The prominent response is "It's the new suit," meaning the new costume from the DC relaunch that will happen next month. I disagree. If anything, it maybe a combination of the two. Bear with me...

Here is a comparison of the suits. Both drawings are done by legendary artist George Perez. The one on the left is the classic suit, the right - the relaunched version. Similar, but very different.

Here is the image again from this morning. OK, my evidence that it is not the new suit:
  1. The boots are the classic design.
  2. The neck is not covered up as it is on the new design.
  3. The belt buckle (yes it's hard to see that) looks round. The new design is the same shape as the logo.

Here's what's different from the classic suit:
  1. Look at the end of the sleeves, hard to tell what's going on there.
  2. The belt (again hard to see) seems to be shaped like the new design.
  3. Not sure if the red trunks are there (despite what people say).
  4. There seems to be some kind of design there on his left thigh. Not sure what it is.
All in all, it's probably a combination, or something totally different. We'll get a better idea once more pics start showing up. But that's my $.02.

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