For What it's Worth: How Long Will Syfy's Alphas Last?

I am enjoying Syfy's new series Alphas. It's not perfect, but it's a good show. I like the characters and the writing has been good. Not too many complaints...

However, I've been thinking, "how will things get resolved?" What I mean is Dr. Rosen and company at some point will have to find out what is going on at Binghamton Mental Hospital and what can be done about it. It would be interesting to know the game-plan by the creators. Most shows have a five-year plan, however they can be cancelled after episode two (Lone Star anyone?). The ratings seem to be OK and steady. But will it get a second season? Too early to call, but to me there is the dilemma. Do you stretch the mystery of the hospital and the other Alphas to a second season (that you may not get), or try to resolve everything this year and worry about next season when (or if) it gets here? I'm not sure, but I guess that is why I'm here and they are there.

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