For What It’s Worth: The End of Smallville

Last Friday (March 25) was the final day of shooting for the series Smallville. Some comic book fans are rejoicing, while others are sad at that news. However, let’s think about it – this is a big achievement in comic books in another media. The same TV season Smallville completes it’s 10 season, one comic book TV show (The Cape) had its season cut from 13 episodes to 10, and the 10th was never aired! It was posted online on it’s website! Another TV show (not comic related) “Lonestar,” was cancelled after TWO episodes! So the viewers were there.

Did it follow the comics? No, of course not. Some liked that idea while others did not. The show was it’s own universe. If Star Wars has different levels of canon, why can’t Superman have his own? You have the comics, then the movies, then the TV series (all of them). And which is correct? I mean, in some versions in the comics, Kal-El was NEVER Superboy, and in others he was. So even the comic books contradicted each other.

I didn’t watch the show, only the two-hour event with the Justice Society. I was told that the series was very good. At some point, I’ll sit down and watch them since they are all on DVD as complete seasons.

Congratulations to Warner Brothers, DC Entertainment, and everyone involved over the ten-year run of Smallville. Not bad for a show that original was to be the story of Bruce Wayne coming back to Gotham after his years of training to become Batman.

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