The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of MARVEL ACTION: AVENGERS #5 from IDW Publishing. The story is written by Matthew K. Manning; with art by Jon Sommariva, additional inks by Sean Parsons and Jimmy Reyes, colors by Protbunker, and lettering by Christa Miesner.

Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Thor are trapped inside the Ruby Egress; doomed to fight for all time. If they somehow can escape the Egress, they will be controlled by Count Nefaria. Meanwhile on Earth, the remaining Avengers have regrouped to take down Nefaria. Are they too late to stop him from putting the Egress and the Whetstone together, making him virtually unstoppable? And how can they rescue their teammates from the Egress and Nefaria’s control?

I’ve been enjoying the Marvel Action line from IDW, such a great intro for new readers of any age. Manning provides a great script that packs a ton of action. I applaud him for using a villain that doesn’t get a lot of exposure and is a worthy opponent for our heroes. Sommariva and Protobunker deliver great visuals; each page is a treat to look at. Definitely one to check out.

MARVEL ACTION: AVENGERS #5 is in stores now or available at www.idwpublishing.com.