The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST #1 from BOOM! Studios. The story is written by Brian Wood; with art by Jorge Coelho, colors by Doug Garbark, and lettering by Ed Dukeshire.

It’s a new day in Detroit, but not a better one. While Omni Consumer Products (OCP) has a new C.E.O., the mission remains the same: total control. The police force is non-existent; replaced by a robot force that responds to citizens reporting crime through a new app called R/Cop. Even though the app is being abused, it is seen as a success that other cities want the program as well. Where is Alex Murphy, the original Robocop in all of this? There is a reason why he is not in the middle of this, but an opportunity to get involved may have just presented itself…

Robocop is back in a rather interesting offering from BOOM! Studios. Wood stays faithful to the source material while expanding the corruption and adding the technology that has come about since the original story (mobile apps, drones, etc.). Jorge Coelho, Doug Garbark and Ed Dukeshire provide a rather unique visual to the tale; I like what I am seeing here.

New Detroit is in a very dark, scary place and needs its knight in shining chrome to return. Check this book out.

ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST #1 is in stores now or available at www.boom-studios.com.