A Review: COSMO #2

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of COSMO #2 from Archie Comics. The story is written by Ian Flynn; with art by Tracy Yardley, colors by Matt Herms, and lettering by Jack Morelli.

Cosmo and his crew are on the Earth’s moon investigating a distress signal when they were attacked by creatures that located on what appears to be a carnival. After our heroes nearly escape, they find out who these creatures are and how they came to be. Most importantly, they discover who is responsible for this nightmare and how reverse the damage. Unfortunately its bad timing as the perpetrator makes their presence known…

COSMO is a reboot of the 1950’s Archie Comic series COSMO THE MERRY MARTIAN. Flynn provides a fun, action-packed story with filled with laughs. Yardley and Herms bring a bright, retro-future look for the book and compliments the fun script perfectly. COSMO is a great addition for the young (or young at heart) comic reader. Check it out.

COSMO #2 is in stores now or available at archiecomics.com.