The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DOPPELGANGER #1 from Altrena Comics. The story is written and colored by Jordan Hart; with pencils & inks by Emmanuel Xerx Javier.

Dennis Zimmann was heading to work when he was rear-ended. He gets out of his car to check on the other driver, but he was dead. Dennis makes it to work even though he suffered a concussion. That night he spent a quiet evening with his family and decides to take the dog for a walk. When he gets back he discovers someone who looks like him is there! The doppelganger gives Dennis dire news and a demonstration of his abilities. Is this a side effect of the concussion, or is he about to be replaced by an evil version of himself?

 Mr. Hart has created a tale that ranks among the great stories from Tales from the Crypt or The Twilight Zone. You can’t help but feel for Dennis, and Javier’s art does a wonderful job of conveying the confusion and possible descent into madness that our hero is experiencing. This is another in a long line of hits from publisher Alterna Comics. Don’t miss this one!   

DOPPELGANGER #1 is in stores now or available at www.alternacomics.com.