The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of MR. CRYPT COLLECTION from Alterna Press. The stories are by Troy Vevsis with art by Aleksandar Jovic.

It is 1932. A skeleton digs out of a grave and tries to figure out who he is and what happened to him. He tries to put together a life by finding clothes, a home, and a job while not being pursued by the frightened townsfolk. Welcome to the adventures of the being known as Mr. Crypt.

This was such a fun read and it’s for readers of all ages. Vevsis creates a character that is instantly lovable and one you can’t help but cheer for. The stories are a great mix of humor, adventure, some scares, and a lightheartedness despite the protagonist being a living skeleton. Aleksandar Jovic’s art is a perfect complement to the script; fun and entertaining. Definitely worth checking out!

MR. CRYPT COLLECTION is available at www.ComiXology.com, hopefully coming soon to print. Check www.alternacomics.com/singleissues  (or this website) for updates!