A Review: GODSHAPER #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of GODSHAPER #1 from BOOM! Studios. Simon Spurrier writes, Jonas Goonface draws and colors, and Colin Bell letters.

Imagine a world in which electricity simply doesn’t work. Then add small magical creatures that bond with people, allowing them to perform minor miracles. Remove that ability from one in 10,000, but give them the ability to alter other people’s “gods.” Ennay is one of those “shapers,” shunned but needed by the rest of the world. And he’s also this world’s version of rock’n’roll.

This is certainly an extreme variation on urban fantasy, with science completely replaced by (effectively) magic. I like seeing what creators do with these types of worlds, and this one clearly has plenty of background to draw from for a while. Ennay and his story are also very compelling, and the art handles well the interweaving of the mundane and the miraculous.

How can one person change the world? This story gives us one extraordinary person who happens to be used to changing things anyway, and gives him the skills to make even bigger changes. Let’s go with him and see what he wants the world to be.

GODSHAPER #1 is available now from your local comic shop, or online at boom-studios.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )