The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BRAVE CHEF BRIANNA #1 from KaBoom!, The all-ages imprint of BOOM! Studios. The story is written by Sam Sykes, illustrated by Selina Espiritu, colors by Sarah Stern, and lettering by Jim Campbell.

Brianna comes from a big family of chefs. The family is brought together and informed that their father, who has a cooking show and series of cookbooks, is dying. Their task is to go out and start their own restaurants, and the one who is the most successful will inherit everything. So Brianna (who just got out of culinary school) decides to move to Monster City. She quickly finds out the city is appropriately named. So with her assistant Suzan, Brianna opens up a restaurant of people food in a city of monsters. Is she doomed before she really begins?

This book delivers a great, positive message and is quite fun. You can see Brianna doesn’t have the confidence that her brothers do, but reacts to adversity quickly and has the determination to make her restaurant work. This is a fun little story for all ages with nice look supplied by Selina Espiritu and Sarah Stern. Go check it out!

BRAVE CHEF BRIANNA #1 is in stores now or available at www.boom-studios.com.