The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE BLUE BARON #1 from Sitcomics. The story is by Darin Henry, with pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Sal Buscema, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and letters by Marshall Dillon.

For over 200 years The Blue Baron has overcome every threat you can imagine. He now faces his greatest challenge! While battling the villain Liquidator, an accident happened which cause our hero to switch bodies with 13 year-old Ernie Rodriguez. Until they figure out how to reverse this, our heroes must deal with difficulties of super-villains, running a major corporation, bullies, and…eighth grade!

Writer Darin Henry takes the “Freaky Friday” concept and gives it a refreshing twist by adding a costumed crusader spin to it. Awesome to see such great comic artists Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema be a part of this adventure. THE BLUE BARON is fun, humorous, action packed and quite enjoyable; something that is lacking in a most of today’s superhero comics. And you get 64 pages in one issue at a great price! You should really check this out.

THE BLUE BARON #1 is available for ordering at www.Sitcomics.net.