The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE F1RST HERO: WEDNESDAY’S CHILD #1 from Action Lab Comics. The story is by Anthony Ruttgaizer, with art by Marco Renna, colors and lettering by Fred C Stresing.

Jacob Roth is back on his Earth following the events of ACTIONVERSE. His day of surprises begin with a visit by the Extrahuman Task Force, led by a man from his past. The excitement continues as an extrahuman who calls himself Catalogue introduces himself to Jacob and helps him try to hone his powers. But is Catalogue a friend or foe? All while this is going on, Jacob’s immediate threat is making her presence known…a little girl with deadly abilities.

I’m a little late to THE F1RST HERO (this is third miniseries), but was interested in the character thanks to the ACTIONVERSE event. The concept of a person who develop powers goes insane (except for our hero) is an intriguing one. Jacob is obviously influenced by his recent cross universe trip and wants to become a hero; a dangerous decision given the world’s fear of extrahumans. Renna and Stresing bring a really interesting visual to this issue; it looks great. Ready to see what is next.

If you like super heroes, you should check out the ACTIONVERSE line. They are getting it right first time out.

THE F1RST HERO: WEDNESDAY’S CHILD #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.TheF1rstHero.com or www.ActionLabComics.com.