A Review: DARK SOULS #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DARK SOULS #1 from Titan Comics. The story is by George Mann, with art by Alan Quah, colors by Komikaki Studios featuring Norah Khor TCS, and letters by Rob Steen. The comic is based off the game by Bandi Namco Entertainment Inc. and Fromsoftware, Inc.

Fira and her companion Aldrich are on a quest to find the tooth of the dead dragon Andolus. Returning the tooth will hopefully restore the flame of life and the restore the land of Ishra to its former glory. But to do that, she must get it from the Dragon Augerer, who wields it like a blade.  She must also battle much to get to him, including her memories and doubts. Even if she is successful, that is only the beginning of her quest…

Never played the game, but I’m familiar with it. Fans of the game will love the book, but those who aren’t shouldn’t be afraid to take a look at it. There’s enough explained so you are not lost and there is a good bit of action. As awesome as the art is, the colors are unbelievable. Easily one of the best looking comics I’ve seen this year. Worth checking out.

DARK SOULS #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.titan-comics.com.