For What It's Worth: "It was Six Years Ago Today..."

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Fellowship of the Geek’s creation. What an incredible trip. I’ve learned a lot, met some great people, and had a lot of fun. I'll be honest, this wasn't what I expected to be doing. Frankly, a lot of this was making things up as I went along. A little more stressful, but certainly more exciting.

I think back to those days at the lcs (R.I.P. Comic Book Craze) on Wednesday nights: myself, Les, Joel and/or Brandon, maybe Kelly or C-Ross sitting at a table talking comics (maybe sports too). The night usually ended with Joel commenting that the conversations should be recorded. Six years (2 versions of a webcast, news/reviews website, and now a podcast) later, here we are. 

I want to thank those guys, and James, Mike, and now Holly for being apart of the Fellowship.I also want to thank you for your support.Whether you have been here from the start or just now joining us, your here and it's appreciated. Oh…and buckle yourselves in, the ride is just beginning.  ~ Thomas