A Review: RAYGUN #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of RAYGUN #1 from Alterna Comics. Gregory Schoen writes, Alonzo Molina pencils, and Paulo Rivas inks and letters.

Matthew’s mom is sick, and that’s why she’s sending him to live with his dad. That’s what she tells him, anyway. His dad is okay, but he keeps to himself a lot, spending all of his time in his workshop. And it doesn’t take long to find the new school’s bully. But on a field trip to the Tesla exhibit at the local museum, the bully shoves Matthew into a closet and Matthew wakes up hours later. And that’s when he finds the raygun.

It’s the twists that really make this story great (and I don’t plan to spoil them here). Let’s just say that we get to see some of the raygun’s history. And Matthew is a likeable kid in a bad situation. I’m looking forward to getting to know Dad as well. The art also sells the story, letting us get used to the mundane world before blasting us with cool “special effects.”

This is the story of a tough kid in a tough scrape in a strange place with a strange gadget. Sounds like the beginning of an awesome adventure to me. Pick this one up.

RAYGUN #1 is available now online through comiXology and alternacomics.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )