The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of GRAVEDIGGER #1 from Action Lab Entertainment. The story is by Christopher Mills, with art by Rick Burchett.

"Gravedigger" McCrae was taking it easy in South Florida, trying to enjoy life and stay hidden while in-between “jobs.” Yeah, that doesn’t last too long. He’s framed for the murder of a mob boss’s daughter, and barely escapes with his life. McCrae is aided by a beautiful woman and given a place to stay. She knows him from a prior heist, but he doesn’t remember her and vaguely remembers the job. Her involvement is just another answer he wants…as well as revenge.

GRAVEDIGGER is inspired by the crime novels and movies from the 1960’s, and it definitely has that vibe. McCrae’s appearance is based off of actor Lee Marvin; Mills and Burchett are perfect. The visuals, mannerisms, EVERYTHING is dead on. Mills’ script is slick, smart, sexy, and fast moving. Burchett’s art is nothing less than awesome. GRAVEDIGGER is worth getting your hands on.

GRAVEDIGGER #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at actionlabcomics.com/danger-zone.