A Review: ETERNAL #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ETERNAL #1 from BOOM! Studios. William Harms writes, Giovanni Valletta draws and Adam Metcalfe colors.

It’s 2270, and thanks to cloning and mind transfer technology humans can now effectively live forever. The tech is highly controlled, though, and fresh (uncloned) DNA is a hot commodity. One member of the regime is growing weary of the constant battle. One of the leaders of the resistance has just changed the game, from a philosophical standpoint. If it wasn’t a war before, it is now.

This first issue shows us more questions than answers, and that’s usually a good start. There are a ton of technological and philosophical ideas planted here, and how those ideas pan out will be fun to watch. Gail and Peter are good, realistic, likeable characters, and this future also has its interests. And there’s a subtlety in the art that keeps us comfortable yet uncertain – it feels like our world, but somehow not quite, if that makes sense.

Immortality, but at what cost? How far is too far? Pick up this book and let’s see where it takes us.

ETERNAL #1 is available now at your FLCS or at boom-studios.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )