The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: DEATH OF APOLLO #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. The story is by Dan Abnett, with art by Dietrich Smith, colors by Fran Gamboa, and lettering is by Simon Bowland.

It’s been ten long yarhens since the fleet has left the destruction of the colonies and started their search for Earth. After Commander Adama’s speech to the fleet to raise the spirits of the survivors, he attends a meeting of the senior staff to find out if there is any update on finding the planet. Suddenly, Starbucks interrupts with possible grid coordinates obtained by Engineer Xam who is still in a coma(?). The message also mentions a ship lost early in the fleet’s voyage. A viper patrol is launched to investigate and finds the missing ship. The surprises keep on coming as the Countess Sephoni of Scorpion has information that may bring them closer to their journey's end!

Dan Abnett continues to weave his magic while revealing the untold voyages of the classic television show. A minor complaint – there is a scene where Commander Adama states that Starbuck “is an idiot.” I don’t feel Adama would say such thing in public, even if that’s how he truly feels about him. Maybe the ten yarhens of on the run and searching for Earth has caught up with him. Overall, great start to what will be a sad tale… the death of Apollo.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: DEATH OF APOLLO #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.dynamite.com.