The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of STEAMPUNK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1880 #4 from Dynamite Entertainment. The story is by Tony Lee, with art by Aneke, colors by Alex Starling, and lettering is by Marshall Dillon.

With the combined forces of the Ovion race and the pirates behind them, the Aethership Galactica mounts an all-out attack against Professor Baltar and his cyclonic army. Do they have a chance at being victorious, or is this humanity’s end? And what part does the mysterious Count Iblis play? Is he friend or foe?

Tony Lee did an awesome job of taking the classic series and making it fresh yet maintaining the spirit that made the show so popular. Different takes of all the characters, yet they are still very recognizable. Hopefully we’ll see more from this particular rag-tag fleet because while the series comes to an end, there is room to continue the journey.  And there is that thirteenth colony out there…somewhere.

STEAMPUNK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1880 #4 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.dynamite.com.