The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CHEW/REVIVAL ONE SHOT from Image Comics. The stories are written by John Layman and Tim Seeley, with art by Rob Guillory and Mike Norton, colors by Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells, and Mark Englert, and lettering by John Layman and Crank!.

In two separate stories, Agent Tony Chu of the FDA goes to Wisconsin to offer aid to Officer Dana Cypress in a case which may or may not involve a reviver. The first story focuses on body parts mysteriously appearing. The second story involves someone stealing corpses from the local cemetery.

This is the perfect jump on point if you dare to get into these odd but intriguing worlds. It’s amazing how well the characters from one book fit into the other like it’s not a big deal. That’s due to the great writing of Layman and Seeley. Both creative teams handle the “first meeting” through their own characters’ point of view. I wouldn’t be opposed to see Chu and Cypress work together again REAL SOON. If you are a fan of one (or both) titles, or just interested in checking this one shot out, it is worth for investment in time and money.

CHEW/REVIVAL ONE SHOT is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.imagecomics.com.