The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ETERNAL WARRIOR #8 from Valiant Entertainment. The story and lettering is by Greg Pak, with art by Robert Gill, colors by Guy Major and John Rauch, and lettering by Dave Sharpe.

Gilad has a plan that will take care of the cult of his ancient enemy Nergal and obtain the medicine that will eliminate the radiation that affects his village and the groups of humans. What no one else knows is our Eternal Emperor has plans within plans which the others will not approve. Will he succeed, or is this the end of mankind on Earth? Also, is there something about Gilad’s granddaughter that scares him (given everything he has seen in his lifetime)?

Frankly, I was surprised how quickly they moved the timeline from the present to the year 4001 (possibly to set up the new series RAI). However, it's not a major thing, especially since you can read present day Gilad in UNITY. I was introduced to Greg Pak’s writing with WORLD WAR HULK, and rarely am I disappointed in his work. He handles the “war weary warrior” so well. I cannot say enough how well Valiant has been running since they returned a couple of year ago. Top notch work all around.

ETERNAL WARRIOR #8 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.valiantuniverse.com.