A Review: X-O MANOWAR #22

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of X-O MANOWAR #22 from Valiant Comic. The story is by Robert Venditti, with layouts by Cary Nord, finishes by Vicente Cifuentes, colors by Ulises Arreola, and lettering by Dave Sharpe.

In the aftermath of Unity, Aric has reacquired the X-O. He makes a deal with the United States Government: in exchange for land that can become a new hope for his people, he works for them. His first mission is to destroy the Vine spacecraft that lies at the bottom of international waters before the Russians can get their hands on its technology. But is he too late?

It will be interesting to see how long Aric goes along with this arrangement with the government. With New Visigoth being observed from above, he has to feel that he has led his people from one cage to another. A great series keeps getting better, if that is possible. And that’s with Armor Hunters coming in another couple of months. Valiant continues to put out quality books.

X-O MANOWAR #22 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.Valiantuniverse.com.