The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ROBOCOP: LAST STAND #6 from Boom! Studios. Frank Miller and Steven Grant write, and Korkut Oztekin draws.

It’s beginning to look like OCP has won. Murphy is beaten, and now being dismantled and rebuilt by the AI, who has fallen in love with him. Schenck and his people are trying like mad to shut down the AI, but it’s pretty damn smart at this point. Taking her down will be costly, in more ways than they know. But Murphy might not be out of the fight just yet.

This issue has the feel of a dramatic interlude, kind of a quiet preparation for the final battle. I really like the way it feels like a natural progression from the Robocop stories of old, that 1980s-styled sense of the dark future and the cyborg knight in shining armor. That authentic feel alone makes this worth a read, but there’s enough else going on to arouse and maintain your interest.

Looking for a stylish new beginning to an old cyborg classic? This is your title. Check it out now while it’s still getting interesting.

ROBOCOP: LAST STAND #6 is available now at your FLCS and online at boom-studios.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )