A Review: EPIC #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of EPIC #1 from ComixTribe. The story  is by Tyler James, with art by Matt Zolman and Fico Ossio, inks by Vic Moya, colors by Arsia Rozegar, and flats by Eric White and Katrina Joyner.

Eric Ardor is the teen superhero Epic; he’s also getting his butt kicked by the combined forces of all of his arch enemies. As his possible death approaches, he flashbacks to nine months ago; when he was a normal teenager. He also had a best friend who helped out at Meta-Tech; a research and development lab that may or may not be looking into genetic enhancement on humans. An accident causes Eric to gain incredible powers, and a unique weakness.

This was a trip to read. I’ve enjoyed the books put out by ComixTribe and this is a great addition to the lineup. Tyler James (THE RED TEN) knows the superhero genre well and gives it a nice tweak or two. It is a fresh, fun, humorous, and action-packed issue to what I believe will be a great series.

For more info on EPIC #1, you can check out the Kickstarter page, or you can go to their website www.ComixTribe.com.