The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of SUPERMAN: THE SILVER AGE DAILIES VOLUME ONE: 1959-1961 from IDW Publishing and The Library of American Comics. The collection includes stories written by:  Robert Bernstein, Otto Binder, Jerry Coleman, and Jerry Siegel based off of scripts by Jerry Siegel. The artwork is by Curt Swan, Stan Kaye, and Wayne Boring with lettering by Ira Schnapp.

The collection includes stories as Superman: deals with aliens who are causing natural disasters, becomes a humanoid lion, and tries to make a dying rich man laugh. Our hero also faces a wrestler who calls himself “The Ugly Superman,” help a de-aging Lois Lane, and much, much more!

I did not realize that these newspaper strips were actually current stories (at the time) that appeared in SUPERMAN, LOIS LANE, ACTION COMICS and ADVENTURE COMICS. They were adapted and reworked to be printed in the newspaper. I have a love/hate affair with Silver Age stories; they can be crazy and funny, or incredibly stupid and annoying. One thing I do love is seeing the great art of the late Curt Swan and Wayne Boring; two of the best Superman artists ever. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, or discover a version of Superman you haven’t read before, this is should be a must.

SUPERMAN: THE SILVER AGE DAILIES VOLUME ONE: 1959-1961 is in stores or available for ordering at www.idwpublishing.com  or www.libraryofamericancomics.com.