A Review: HENCHMEN #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of HENCHMEN #1 from Robot Paper. The story is by Jamison Raymond, art by Ryan Howe, and colors by R Squared Studios.

Meet Gary, a 40-something guy who has nothing but bad luck. He has lost his job, family and failed at trying to lose his life. That’s when he found a mysterious ad in the newspaper for a position. Little did he know it would be a henchman for the Head Pin of Crime! Their first job (a bank heist) goes well until the police and Head Pin’s nemesis, Striker appears. Realizing the futility of the situation, Gary runs away with a couple of associates (with the money) following. What will he do now that he is looked up to as a leader to a group of henchmen? Will he get his old life back? Does he really want it?

What a refreshingly different take of the superhero/super villain genre. I loved the story and it has a nice mix of action and drama with a splash of humor. I definitely want to see where things go and hope that Gary has a happy ending. I feel sorry for the guy.

HENCHMEN #1 will be available digitally July 17 and in print early August. There is more information at www.henchmencomic.com