The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DARK SKULLKICKERS DARK #1 from Image Comics. The story is by Jim Zub, pencils by Edwin Huang, inks by Huang and Kevin Raganit, colors by Misty Coats and Ross A. Campbell, and lettering by Marshall Dillon.

Rex, Kusia and their ape army have discovered a tavern in the middle of a mountain located at the center of the island. There is something very familiar about this tavern. There are some familiar faces as well (and I am not talking about the redhead in the chainmail bikini). And of course, what happens in a tavern…too much drinking and fighting. How will our heroes get out of this mess? And more importantly, will they pay their tab?

DARK SKULLKICKERS DARK #1 is really SKULLKICKERS #23. This is a joke at a couple of publishers who recently went through a reboot, rebrand and renumber of their books. That is what I love about this title; Jim Zub is willing to poke fun at the genre and the industry. This is such a humorous, smartly written, and (dare I say it) a fun book to read.

DARK SKULLKICKERS DARK #1 is in stores now or available for ordering at www.imagecomics.com.