A Webcomic Review: WIZARD SCHOOL

The Fellowship is pleased to recommend the webcomic WIZARD SCHOOL. It is written by Kevin Kneupper with art by Robert Rath.

Russell Graham is a jerk of a guy who meets a woman in a bar. She gets him drunk and encourages him to get a tattoo on his forehead. When they get into an alley, a mysterious man shows up and casts a spell on our passed out “hero.” He is later found and taken to Bumblebane’s Magical Academy of the Wizarding Arts. When Graham wakes up, he finds out that they think he is the chosen one because of the mark (tattoo). How will he get out of this mess?

This is a parody of the Harry Potter books, however it is not intended for the kiddos. I loved every page of it. Graham is a real pain in the butt, however there is some way he is able to come out on top in the most ridiculous way. There’s a great cast of characters, but my favorite is Graham’s familiar, Goatsie the talking goat.

There are new pages of WIZARD SCHOOL posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find the comic at www.meetmyminion.com. This review covers chapter one, which a printed copy was made available as a part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day.