A Convention Review: ALL-CON 2013

The Fellowship attended All-Con at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, Texas this past weekend. Among the guests were Stephen Stanton, Camden Toy, Terry Naughton, Kathy Coleman, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Michael Gregory, Anne Lockhart, and Rick Fitts.

I must say, this was the first time to attend this convention, but it won’t be my last! I loved the atmosphere, it felt like a celebration (or a party). This convention had such a great vibe to it. And that was with me not being able to attend the later shows that were not geared toward the younger folks (in other words All-Con after dark).

In addition to the celeb panels and costume contests, there were workshops, game shows, and discussion panels (which I participated in one – special thanks to Rick Gutierrez of United States of Geekdom for the invitation). The dealer’s room showcased sellers of different tastes. It truly deserves the name All-Con, it was all-encompassing.

The only (minor) problem that I encountered was getting our badges opening day. However, that’s to be expected for the opening hours of an event. The guests said they had a great time, the dealers were doing well, and the attendees that I talked to had a blast. 

Not only are The Fellowship going back next year, we hope to do some panels, discussion groups, game shows, or whatever. We want to be more a part of this experience. It will be their 10th anniversary so that should be a fun experience. Keep up with the latest updates by checking out www.all-con.org.