Webcomic Review: WOOHOOLIGAN!

The Fellowship is pleased to recommend the webcomic WOOHOOLIGAN!. Samuel Isaac Dealey is the creator.

WOOHOOLIGAN! started out in 2006 as a single-panel webcomic making fun of geeky, sciency, weird stuff. The format has expanded a bit, and Mr. Dealey has gotten a little more consistent with his posts (we can forgive him, though; he’s a busy guy). But the weirdness and geekiness hasn’t slowed down a bit.

It’s still single-panel (well, single page, anyway), but there is the occasional story arc, too. And it’s not kid stuff, either; the most recent arc was entitled “Fetish Forum” after all. I’d call it a strong PG-13 rating, flirting with R from time to time. But the answer to the important question is yes, it’s funny stuff. Dealey takes pieces of the geek life and uses a bit of adult humor and stirs them together with a dash of sarcasm. Sometimes two dashes.

This is a good webcomic, especially if you’re into geek culture at all. And he can draw too, which is not a prerequisite for webcomics in general. Very funny stuff.

The WOOHOOLIGAN! webcomic posts roughly once a week, and can be found at woohooligan.com.