The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of TWILIGHT OF THE GODS #1 from Wave Entertainment. The plot and script is by AE Stueve, with art by Oscar Bazaldua, President Nelson, Joel Rasmuessen, Greg Paulsen, Luis Alonzo, and Victor Moya. The colors are by Ryan Vera and lettering and production is by George E Warner.

The Greek Gods are dying as the beliefs in them fade away. Zeus gives Artemis a task before he is gone: inform Heracles what has happened and prevent him from hurting the mortals. Zeus uses the last of his power to bring Artemis’ lover Orion down from the heavens to Earth. Artemis goes to where Heracles was imprisoned only to see him break out since the immortal restraints are no longer there. After a brief fight, Artemis tells Heracles of what is happening. He laughs at the notion that he would hurt the mortals, refuses to help her find Orion, and heads out to get drunk. Elsewhere, Orion has arrived on Earth and been discovered, but this may not be a good thing. Somewhere out on the seas, three people are about to be tossed overboard, but is there something else under the water besides the sharks?

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS #1 is an introduction to a new line of comics featuring the characters from the Greek myths in today’s world. The four titles are: ARTEMIS, HERACLES, ORION, and TRIDENT: THE POWER OF POSEIDON. This solid, well told story does a good job of setting the other books out and I am very curious to see where they go from here. Orion and Artemis intrigues me the most, but the others are interesting as well.

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS #1 is available at www.wave-entertainment.com.