A Review: MOON GIRL #5

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of MOON GIRL #5 from Red 5 Comics. Tony Trov and Johnny Zito write, and Rahzzah draws.

New York, 1955. The city is burning, and the brainwashed Moon Girl is ready to ascend to the throne. Satana has her right where she wants her. Fortunately, Star is on her way to try to put things right. Will she make it in time? And what will happen to Ben? And will Clare get back to “normal”?

This series is a reboot of a Golden Age character, and though there are some modernizations here, I think it stays pretty true to the Golden Age style. Setting it in 1955 helps, but the flavor of the story and the characters hold true as well. The modern stuff (a lot of violence and more than a little crazy) doesn’t overwhelm that, possibly excepting for a moment at the climax. Even the art helps to set that ‘50s mood.

Another really cool book from Red 5; I’m certainly not surprised. This one was definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys.

MOON GIRL #5 is available now at your FLCS or by order from red5comics.com.