The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of FREELANCERS #1 from Boom! Studios. Ian Brill writes, and Joshua Covey draws.

Val and Cassie were raised in an orphanage. Not a normal orphanage, though; one that focused on martial arts. It was an upbringing that made them close friends, and also prepared them for a career as hired problem solvers—“freelancers.” As our story begins, they’re just getting started, but something weird is going on—something connected to their former teacher.

Tongue is firmly planted in cheek in this book. We get witty banter between the girls, and the nemesis from the orphanage turning up, and the cute guy from the agent’s office; in other words, plenty of humor options to go around. And they kick butt, of course. Don’t overlook the facial expressions, either; the art here is really nice. All this and a bonus story too!

Boom! has got some really cool stuff going on right now, and I think this book is just another step in the right direction for them. This title could turn out to be a big one.

FREELANCERS #1 is available now at your FLCS (for a buck!) or by order from boom-studios.com.