For What It's Worth: A Look Back At Dallas Fan Days 2012

The Fellowship attended Fan Days at the Irving Convention Center this past weekend. Media celebrities included Bruce Campbell, Ian McDiarmid, Lance Henriksen, and Robert Englund. Stan Lee returned as he promised back in May. He was joined by comic legends Al Plastino, Howard Chaykin, Bernie Wrightson, as well as current creators Steve Niles, Frank Cho and Ethan Van Sciver and others.

For those who are local and/or remember my editorial from May there were some issues that needed improving, but I felt it wasn't as bad as some made it out to be. I am happy to say that things were improved greatly...

  • The addition of a third day to the convention helped spread out attendees. With the number of guests and vendors, it took me all three days and I didn't get everything done!
  • Setting up a concession/sitting area outside on the first level of the covered garage was a great idea and it helped to take care of the crowds that would be inside trying to take a little break or grab something to eat or drink.
  • The volunteer staff have been good in the past but seemed to be better prepared for this con. Granted, I don't think anyone was quite prepared for the turnout at the show in May. 
My only (minor) complaints:

  • The badge situation - Apparently there were issues during the last show that I won't go into here. The issue seemed to be resolved by the use of wristbands. However, I like the badges and having the person who supplied the artwork to autograph them. 
  • Picture taking of cosplayers - I am not much of a photo taking person, but did better at this show. There was an issue around the escalators between the second and third floor were they were blocked by people taking pictures of a group of cosplayers. A fixable issue...and I'm sure the Irving Fire Marshall did just that.

All in all it was probably the smoothest convention I've ever attended and had a great time. The vendors that I talked to had a successful weekend, and I heard no complaints from some of the convention goers that I asked.

Congratulations to Ben Stevens, Mark Walters, the staff, and volunteers who made Fan Days 2012 a blast! See you next February for Sci-Fi Expo!