The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of GUARDING THE GLOBE #2 from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics. The story is written by Phil Hester, with art by Todd Nauck and colors by John Rauch.

The team has been split up to handle different situations around the world. One group is in Khulna, Bangladesh trying to find survivors of a natural disaster. A second team is in Failaka Island, Kuwait battling Mauler and trying to stop his plan which involves an unusual type bomb, but are they too late? Meanwhile, El Chupacabra is asked to investigate the disappearances of children of a village in Chihuahua, Mexico. Who or what is behind it? And what about that North Korean submarine with its special passenger?

I’ve been a big fan of Todd Nauck since his days of YOUNG JUSTICE and WILDGUARD. He handles super hero team books with ease and I’m glad he’s on board. Phil Hester (NIGHTWING, GREEN ARROW) knows how to write super hero titles and does not disappoint with this book. This is a book definitely worth checking out.

GUARDING THE GLOBE #2 is in stores now and available at www.Imagecomics.com.

~ Thomas