The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DEVIL INSIDE from toddstashwick.com. Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero created it.

Sophie Hallow is having a bad day. She gets carjacked and is forced to pick up a hitchhiker. Then it becomes obvious that neither the hiker nor the carjacker is human, and her life is officially turned upside down. It seems that the hiker is Satan himself, escaped from Hell and trying to change professions. But Hell isn’t ready to let him go just yet.

The story of one who is no longer content with his lot in life trying to change it is not a new one. But the idea that it’s Satan is certainly a fun twist on it. We also get introduced to some fascinating minor characters along the way (which gives us a reason to care, if you’ll forgive the literary lecture moment). Ultimately Jack is on a quest, and Hell itself is bent on stopping him, and Sophie’s not sure why she wants to help him.

I really like the writing here; the characterization is brilliant, and there’s not really a clear-cut hero in the story. But most of the time the bad guys are more interesting anyway (they’re often the ones actually doing things, whereas heroes simply react).

DEVIL INSIDE is available at toddstashwick.com.


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