A Review: COBRA #15

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of COBRA #15 from IDW Publishing. The story is by Mike Costa with art by Antonio Fusco and Werther Dell’edera and colors by Arianna Florean.

Ronin is in Zurich to capture William Kessler-Latta - the son of Cobra Commander. In Alexandria, Chameleon and Flint try to find William’s secret residence where he may or may not have secret information regarding his father. Chameleon spots a COBRA saboteur and tries to deal with him while Flint takes care of the truck full of high explosives. Meanwhile, Lady Jaye and Ronin are questioning William and the power goes off. Ronin realizes someone else has joined the party.

This is my first time to read this book so I’m not sure if this issue is typical, but totally dig it. I am familiar with the high profile team battling a more public war, so reading about a small G.I. Joe covert team doing missions is refreshing. I don’t know most of this team, but the dialogue is so good I have a pretty good idea about them and what makes them tick. Fusco and Dell’edera’s style of art is unique and very good. Might need to keep an eye on this book.

COBRA #15 is in stores now and available at www.idwpublishing.com.

~ Thomas 

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