Big Dog's Thoughts: An Introduction

Hello to everyone out there in Fellowship of the Geeks Land! My name is Jeremy Scott, but most people call me “Big Dog”! I'm actually a part of another website/podcast called SciFiFX, which deals in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and even crosses into comic book territory. It's not hard to believe since there's quite a few characters or books that have science fiction roots to them. This goes especially for my favorite character; Superman! If you ever get the chance, stop by and see us! Matt, Carl, Troy and I always love having people around. Sorry, I've been shamelessly plugging sites like SciFiFX and Fellowship to people for a long while now!

So what's my geek-cred here? I started reading comics not too long before the Death of Superman. At that point, I wasn't a serious collector. I picked up a random X-Men comic which didn't have anything really big going on that I can recall. It did, however, lead me into my first crossover event within all the X-Titles; the X-cutioner's Song. I've heard a lot of people give grief about this story line, but to the person uninitiated into the comics world, it gave me a good look at some characters that I began to really take a shine to. My favorite X-Men quickly became Colossus and Beast. I soon discovered the coolness that was Nightcrawler.  Wolverine took my awhile to warm up to, and I'm still not fond of Cyclops. No offense to those who love the guy.

I picked through Marvel's stuff a little while, picking up a devotion to Captain America, the Avengers, and even Ghost Rider to a lesser extent. I eventually moved over to DC thanks to the Death of Superman. I was blow away by just how powerful of a story they managed to put down there, and the subsequent funeral and return also kept me enthralled. There was something incredibly connected about it all. I started picking up a ton of titles afterward. I had quite the comic book habit for so many years and it got fairly expensive to keep up with all the titles. There were also storylines that I personally found waning in the quality I felt that they once had. So I got out of the game, and started picking up Graphic Novels when I felt strongly about owning a particular story. It's served its purposes for me.

So what does this say about me? I'm out of the loop on most major comics? I can be honest and say that the New 52 hasn't been my ball of wax. The shakeups at Marvel haven't really thrilled me as much as they used to. Though they aren't my cup of tea, the fine contributors here at Fellowship of the Geeks (Go Fellowship!) have all that well in hand. As people move forward in learning what happens next, I'm going backwards in learning where they're from. As I do so, I'll be posting about Golden Age adventures, and even about some of those stories from the time I was collecting that still stick out with me.

I want to personally thank Thomas for allowing me to become a contributor to this site. You can still mainly catch me over at I'm always happy to make new friends in the community. Whether you like my opinions or not, I always love hearing from people. And I'm always willing to hear the reasons you agree or disagree. Geekdom is a family, and I'm happy to be a part of it.