A Review: URSA MINOR #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of URSA MINOR #1 from Big Dog Ink Comics. Tom Hutchinson wrote the story with art by Ian Snyder.

Inauguration Day 2013, the new President of the United States is assassinated along with two other men by a couple of werewolves. This starts the hunting and killing of all werewolves. Vampires decide to announce their presence to the world and offer a deal: for freedom to walk around with humans, they will hunt down and kill all were-beasts. As other mythical creatures make themselves known, the humans decide instead of killing them they would tag and release.

The story then switches to a club were were-creatures are the entertainment and the main attraction is Naomi, a girl who claims to be a were-bear. On this night, a group of vampires comes in to find out if the claim is legitimate. If such a creature is real, what do they want with her? Is Naomi in danger?

Hutchinson has created a world that is very interesting. There is enough potential here for me to continue reading to see how things unfold. Ian Snyder’s art is beautiful. He handles mythical creatures in the real world with ease and makes it looks natural.

URSA MINOR #1 is in stores now or available at http://bigdogink.com.

~ Thomas