A Review: Dark Lands: Requiem

Les does a rare review for Lyn Kelly's novel Dark Lands: Requiem -

At the last local comic book convention, I picked up a copy of Dark Lands: Requiem and spoke with writer Lyn I. Kelly. In the short span of an explanation of the plot, I was ready for the read of this first-time author.

The story of Webb Thompson and his younger sibling Sundown adapting to the new world Dark Lands was interesting enough, but to have the “world” be the realm between the living and the dead was exciting. The reader is quickly introduced to the castle of residence, Glorian, to the kids’ Uncle Mike, the mentors Mathias, Raven and Badego, friend Caleb and Gustafson the felidae. Webb is classified a Disperser (one who possesses the ability to repel something) and Sundown a Reclaimer (a person who can turn back time and begin it again at a certain point). Other residents of Glorian have various abilities. Through the teaching of Uncle Mike, Raven and Mathias, the Thompson children find the fascinations and the threats of this land.

But the people that reside in Glorian are not alone. Outside the walls of Glorian exist growlers and the evil souls of the Dark Lands, the Vindicadives. The latter are under the control of the Dark Man, one who masks his identity by his shadows. There is a war between Glorian and the Dark Man, a war for the fate of the living realm. So this story has intrigue, romance, a red herring and betrayal.

The characters of brother and sister are crafted with an understanding of young people and their possible reactions to their environs. Although there is quite a bit of explanation for each of the many introductions of characters and items, they all are important to the story and future tales.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy the good versus evil storyline, to those who liked the Harry Potter wizard-in-training books and to readers of all ages. I had fun reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of this series.

Dark Lands: Requiem is available at Amazon.com and at BarnesandNoble.com.