The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE JUNGLE BOOK #1 from Zenescope Entertainment. The story is by Mark L. Miller, Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco. Mark L. Miller wrote the story with art by Carlos Granda.

The issue opens with Mother Wolf telling Mowglii (who is a female in this version) the story of how she came to Kipling Isle and that her presence ended the war between all of the animals. She believes that she arrived alone, but there were three other infants with her. The monkeys, mongooses, tigers, and wolves each take a child to be raised (a weapon?) in their respective clans. Bagheera the panther figured the only way to keep the peace is for the humans NOT to know of each other and for the clans to respect each other’s territories. After the story is finished, Mowglii slips away from Mother Wolf and accidently runs into a bear by the name of Baloo who was not happy to see her.

The art is incredible! Carlos Granda does a beautiful job of giving human characteristics to the animals and still be real. The issue nicely accomplishes the task of giving the back-story and setting things in motion for the next four issues. With that said, it might have been nice to know what started the war, but that’s nit-picking. You know the humans will eventually meet and bring the island to the brink of war again. I’m definitely here to see how this mini-series ends.

THE JUNGLE BOOK #1 is in comic book stores now or available at www.zenescope.com.

~ Thomas